Religion at Work

”Religion’s Role in Workplace Problem-Solving” with Dr. Raymond Chiu

September 22, 2021

Featuring Dr. Raymond Chiu, Assistant Professor of Business at Redeemer University


An expert on the interaction between faith and work experience, Dr. Raymond Chiu discusses the inevitable overlap between religion and the workplace -- and why that combination might actually be a good thing. Along the way, he introduces new ways of understanding workers’ approaches to problem-solving, shares how to build unity in religiously diverse workplaces, and invites us to consider the key role of thought diversity in the human community.


Dr. Raymond B. Chiu is currently assistant professor at the business school of Redeemer University, a private Christian university located in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. Formerly he was an assistant professor at the Goodman School of Business (Brock University), a postdoctoral researcher at the Ivey Business School (Western University), and doctoral student at the DeGroote School of Business (McMaster University). Raymond started as a professional civil engineer, and then he turned his desire to use his environmental background for the community toward nonprofit work; since then he has taken on a variety of nonprofit management roles. The inner calling for his work comes from a strong commitment to the building of a strong civil society and the advancement of organizations that are society’s lifeblood, especially voluntary organizations and religious communities.


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