Religion at Work

“Fostering the Ability to Disagree” with Joe Gerstandt

July 28, 2021

Featuring Joe Gerstandt, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Speaker, Author, and Advisor

As a speaker and leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work, Joe Gerstandt brings his experienced perspective to topics like the place of religion in today’s DEI work, identity in the workplace, and why teams should foster the ability to disagree well. In providing a larger context for this topic, Joe touches on both the broad connection to racial justice and the need for individual managers to start these efforts within themselves.

Joe Gerstandt is a speaker, author and advisor for organizational diversity and inclusion efforts. Joe has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, small non-profits, and everything in between. A featured contributor for the Workforce Diversity Network Expert Forum, his insights have been published in print and on-line journals as well as in the book Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships. Joe served in the Marine Corps and spent 6 years working in management and business development for technology and communication companies. He then worked for a grassroots non-profit organization, where he became actively involved in diversity and inclusion work. Today, Joe believes that we can ill afford to continue applying a 20th century approach to an increasingly critical set of 21st century issues. A strong advocate for resetting the diversity and inclusion conversation, Joe sees diversity and inclusion as poorly understood and often misunderstood.

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